Plasti Dip

Automotive Semi-Permanent Paint Products

Be Bold in Color and Design Using Plasti-Dip On your Vehicle

Let’s be honest its daring to drive a car in a bold color.  If you have ever looked at that orange, yellow, or pink car drive down the road and said, “Wow that’s a great looking car,I don’t know if I am daring enough to buy it.”  The Plasti-Dip process is the solution for you.  Plasti-dip is a rubberized paint that once sprayed on a surface covers similar to real paint, but unlike real paint Plasti-dip is completely removable.  So the original surface will look just like it did prior to painting.  With Plasti dip you can enjoy bold colors, colors that flip, unique designs and even a matte paint coating.  All without the fear of harming you cars paint and value.  All at a price lower than body shop paint jobs!!  Best of all Plasti-dip can help you revive an older car and give it a sharp new look.  Fortune truly does Favor the Bold!



Its Great for wheels

Let us Plasti-Dip your wheels for a fraction of the cost.  By the time you figure price of a new rim plus the mount and balance costs its clear the Plasti Dip process make sense.  Plus with the Generation 5 guarantee our process it going to prove to be the hands down winner.  Take a look at just a sample of great looking rims that are now fully protected from the elements.  Best of all when you ready for a color change, it just peels away!

Whole Car Color Change

Who came up with some of the factory colors;”Squeeze Green”, “Scorched Penny”, “Wicked Merlot Jewel Metallic” lets just say some of these should be called, “Just Plain Ugly”.  Worse yet a neighborhood of the same car in the same color!  This doesn’t have to be your car.  Look at these vehicles that have used Plasti-dip to improve their cars appearance.  All while protecting the original factory finish.

Generation 5 Racing Designs

Our services are great for racing enthusiast.  From showroom stock to the quarter mile we can protect or enhance your race car.  Now your car can look as fast as you drive it!